What we do

Relational, embodied, contemplative, holistic –
what we offer

Participatory research

Our research and teaching emphasize relationship – we learn with and from each other through active participation. Our work therefore takes a holistic stance – we are interested in lived, embodied and situated experience just as we value rigorous work and sustained practice. Accordingly, we make use of a continuum of approaches: from embodied and contemplative practice to phenomenological inquiry, broader conceptual discourse and living laboratories.

Online meetings

As an international network of researchers, most of our work happens online. In regular meetings, we exchange and practice together. Through continued projects and regular formats, we delve deeper into pillars of our work. For example, when we prepare for a talk or workshop, or engage with a series of reflection questions together.

Upcoming events: From Tuesday May 28th 2024, we will be exploring the theme of “Making Space for Openness” during our monthly open sessions. See here for more details.

In-person seminars

About once a year, we meet for a week-long in-person seminar. Following a co-created schedule, our days usually evolve from individual embodied contemplation, into exchange and project- or topic-oriented work.


We organize monthly online gatherings to practice
contemplative, embodied, participatory research.

We can also facilitate embodied, participatory, and contemplative processes
in your team, department or organization.

Contact us to find out more.